I started with the Azøth Project about one year ago right after having arrived in Canada with my family. And I had one of the most pleasant surprises. Being very dedicated to the International Security field, I have always focused my university studies in some of the most difficult and urgent matters that require answers on which relies the well-being of millions of people around the world.

My work at Azøth, specially with Mr. Larose (President) and Mr. Morais (Director of Operations), introduced me to the real world that goes beyond the University, with concrete actions and practices. I have met a very competent and capable team that tirelessly searches solutions that may and will impact positively people’s lives, mostly the ones that need more help. Dreaming about a better world is the first step to get there, however the hard work is what really drives us. And Azøth is a trustable partner in this honorable effort.

Gustavo de Souza Lima

Police Officer

David F.